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Valentine’s Day in Branson

We've put together our top 10 list of Branson activities for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day - It's that special time when we really turn our focus toward our the person closest to us, or maybe begin pursuit of new love. Our thoughts are of love and romance, and that means something different to everyone. 

I've been with my husband since high school. We were 16 years old when we started dating, Eighteen years ago - more than half our lives spent together, side by side. In all that time, we've come to realize that love is the most extraordinary thing. It's elation, butterflies in the stomach, anticipation, connection, and comfort. It's also struggle, hurt, conflict, and a whole slew of emotions in between. But we seek it so emphatically, despite the hard times, because as human beings we desire companionship. And we see, the more we move through life, that it's so very worth it. 

Stephen Sondheim understands so very well. If you've ever experienced a relationship, I think you can relate to the video below from his Broadway production "Company." It captures all those feelings and makes us realize how beautiful love is. Considering all that love can be, under it all, it makes us feel alive. Love gives us the strength and will to keep moving forward, because there's always someone by your side, rooting for you, or giving you encouragement. Listen below: 

Someone to hold you too close. Someone to hurt you too deep. Someone to sit in your chair, To ruin your sleep,... Someone you have to let in, Someone whose feelings you spare, Someone who, like it or not, Will want you to share A little, a lot.... And make me aware, Of being alive.... I'll always be there, As frightened as you, To help us survive, Being alive.

You see, all of this is what makes Valentine's Day worth celebrating. If you've been in a relationship for a while, it gives you pause to look back and celebrate all that you've been through. All those good times and some of the bad, and here you are, together and totally in love. Maybe you're still looking for that right person and make your choice on this special day, to make that move and start making history with someone. This isn't just another holiday, another obligation, another present you have to buy. This is a celebration of the remarkable, unique connection you have with another human being!

So Let's Celebrate!

Every year, we exchange around 180 million Valentine's card. We buy 196 million roses, with 14% of those roses being purchased by someone buying for themselves. The most common gifts are candy, flowers, cards, and dining out. 

Why not set yourself apart from the average, combining those common gifts with a special getaway with your companion? The Midwest is full of opportunities for a wonderful getaway, and Branson, MO stands out above the crowd as the best choice for your romantic plans. 

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